John & Becky’s Movie Review Of The Shallows

shallows_posterBecky and I went to see the movie The Shallows at the AMC Theaters in Castle Rock, CO tonight with Conroy and Becky. The Fandango website at The Shallows describes the movie as follows…

“Grieving young surfer Nancy (Blake Lively) travels to a secluded beach in search of a secret spot that her mother had discovered years earlier. While paddling out into the waves, Nancy is hunted by a great white shark and stranded on an embankment away from the shoreline. Alone and wounded, she enters a battle of wills to attempt to survive the attack and get ashore in this thriller…”

The Review:  The Shallows is another attempt to create a modern Jaws with a hot surfer girl played by Blake Lively, who is a definitely beautiful in this film along with the beach and the cinematography.  The story is actually a pretty concept and I don’t want to give a great deal of it away, but there are major problems with this film.

Like the movie Jaws this film is about a rogue and angry great white shark, who is looking to ring the dinner bell with the heroine of the film, along with anyone else who finds themselves in the water at this amazing beach in Mexico.  The acting is okay, there is plenty of suspense and action, but it is so cheesy that you can’t take it for very long.  The stupidity of Sharknado comes to mind as it moves toward the middle and end of the movie.  The Shallows is a bit too much like its name – shallow.

The premise could have made sense given the situation with the shark and its feeding ground being violated.  The way the film is done with the constant slow motion and far fetched situations just screamed too much “cheese” for all of us. This is one to watch as a rental for sure.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental

Bianca – ** Rental
Conroy – ** Rental

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