John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Crank

Crank PosterBecky and I went to see Crank last week at the AMC Movie theater in Littleton, Colorado with my brother Bob Boyd. There were quite a few people in the theater, which was surprising for a film like this. The Yahoo website at Crank describes the movie as follows:

Chev Chelios is about to begin his morning with an unexpected wake-up call. Groggy, practically unable to move and with a heart that’s barely beating, he hears the voice of thug Ricky Verona, who reveals Chev has been poisoned in his sleep and only has an hour to live. As it turns out, Chev is a hit man who freelances for a major West Coast syndicate. A run of the mill job the night before instead…

The Review
Crank started out nuts and continued being a film loaded with non-stop violence, drugs, sex and harsh language. It was complete nonsense and if it wasn’t so graphic and wicked it would have been comical. My brother commented to me that it reminded him of Pulp Fiction meets Scarface with some insane scenes that made you want to cringe.

Becky was smarter than my brother and I since she got up and left within 10 minutes of the start of the film. She went to another movie and was glad she did. I kept hoping that it would get better, but it just got worse! In the end, it was a complete waste of time.

This movie absolutely sucked and wouldn’t have been good at the dollar theater. I don’t even think it will make a good rental, but it seems to be doing well at the theaters. Our advice is to save your money and pick another movie.

John – * Don’t Bother
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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