John & Becky’s Movie Review Of DeRailed

DerailedBecky and I went to see “Derailed” tonight at a new movie theater in Castle Rock. The Fandango website at Derailed describes the movie as follows:

“Ad executive Charles and business woman Lucinda meet on a commuter train in Chicago. Despite both being happily married, their flirtation escalates into something more. Unfortunately for the new couple, a ruthless criminal is aware of their relationship, and he threatens to expose the pair if he is not paid. With their families at risk, Charles and Lucinda must try and find a way to turn the tables on their blackmailer.”

The Review
Derailed is an arousing thriller that has several unexpected plot twists. It will keep you guessing how the lead character, Clive Owen, is going to get out of the mess he got himself into with his wandering lustful eyes.

A few parts of the film are a bit goofy, like his family life being such a mess when he has so much invested with a sick child and the fact that he would pay so much money without protecting himself. It is a very violent film, a few loose ends that were never fully tied up, but the story kept our interest. Becky thought it was too violent and I was looking more at the story than the violence. Jennifer Aniston was believable in her role as a victim trying to keep a secret and there are some wild situations we didn’t expect.

We both liked it and thought it was Worth The Trip.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – ** Rental

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