John & Becky’s Movie Review of Eagle Eye

Eagle EyeBecky and I went to see the new movie Eagle Eye last week at the AMC theaters, in Highlands Ranch, CO. The MSN movie website at Eagle Eye describes the movie as follows:

“Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monaghan star in Disturbia director D.J. Caruso’s race-against-time thriller concerning two strangers thrust together by a mysterious telephone call, and their frantic efforts to discover why they have inexplicably become the nation’s most wanted fugitives. Jerry Shaw (LeBouf) and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) were complete strangers at the beginning of the day, but that changed the instant a strange woman called to threaten both their lives and the lives of their loved ones…”

The Review
Eagle Eye was definitely a great action thriller with plenty of explosions and excitement that kept our interest. It is wild and exciting, but if the one shortcoming is that it was too predictable. However, the acting and story was enough to keep your interest.

Goblin Network AdThe worst part of this movie is that it was rated PG-13, which meant that it was loaded with teenagers who never learned any manners at home for when they go to a movie. You know, the kids who now think it’s cool to talk in movies, get up and walk around the theater and text message their buddies. They are great at wrecking good movies and make you want to stay home, save your money, and wait for the rental.

Eagle Eye is designed to make you want to think twice about getting on your cell phone with Big Brother watching your every move. It doesn’t accomplish that by any means, but it’s done pretty well overall. We thought it was worth seeing on the big screen.

John – *** Worth The Trip

A Scanner Darkly release

Newcastle full

Becky – *** Worth The Trip
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