John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider PosterI went to see Ghost Rider on Tuesday afternoon at the AMC movie theater in Westminster.

The Yahoo website at Ghost Rider describes the movie as follows:

A motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze, makes a pact with a dark force, selling his soul to save his girlfriend. When the bargain goes sour and the girl isn’t saved, Blaze is transformed, gaining raging superpowers. Based on the Marvel comic series.

The Review
Ghost Rider was a movie about a crazy comic book character that makes a deal with the Devil and then has to do his bidding.  The movie is strange with a goofy story, but it was much more entertaining than I thought it would be. 

It’s pretty ridiculous, but a pretty fun and at times funny adult flick.  It’s definitely too scary for smaller kids with the wild demons wanting to take over the world that the Ghost Rider has to battle.  The PG-13 rating is something you’ll want to take note of before bringing smaller kids.

If you’re a Nicholas Cage and comic book fan than you’ll like this movie, even if it’s a bit hokey.  If you’re like Becky you’ll want to skip it all together.  It’s a good one to grab on the rental rack instead of spending the money on a movie ticket.

John – ** Rental
Becky – * Don’t Bother
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