John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Hoot

HootBecky and I took the kids to see the movie Hoot this Weekend. The Fandango website at Hoot describes the movie as follows:

“After moving from Montana to Florida, a youth becomes aware of a threat to a local population of endangered owls. Together with his new friends, he takes on corrupt politicians, greedy land developers and ignorant lawmen in a fight to protect the birds.”

The Review
Hoot was a cute movie that lived up to the movie trailer, but was not a great film by any stretch. Our older son Conroy, who is now 8, liked it more than Bianca and Corban did. It had a few laughs and kept your interest with a story about saving owls from the evil land developers trying to build their 100th pancake house. Unfortunately, every character in the story was stupid except for the three main characters and Jimmy Buffet the school teacher. It wasn’t really believable on any level.

For example, there is a part in the film where a diliquent kid, the hero of the film, gets bitten by a Rottweiler dog. His friends take him to the hospital the next day with a minor bite on his arm. Once at the hospital, the kids lie, so that the boy can get health insurance coverage by using the main character’s name. He flees the hospital after about 10 minutes like a super hero. It was not believable that the doctors, the parents and everyone other than the three kids are ding dongs.

I don’t want to wreck the movie because it’s a nice and fun kids film for the right age group. It was a cute movie, if you look past the fact that it was not realistic and simply a feel good film.

Becky and Conroy liked it more than our other two kids and myself.

John – ** Rental
Becky – *** Worth The Trip

The Kids Review
Corban – ** Rental
Bianca – ** Rental
Conroy – *** Worth The Trip
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