John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Poseidon

PoseidonBecky and I went to see “Poseidon” on Friday night with my Mom for Mother’s Day. The Fandango website at Poseidon describes the movie as follows:

“After a huge tidal wave capsizes a luxury liner in the North Atlantic, individual survivors band together to traverse an upside-down maze that they hope will take them to safety. As the wrecked vessel fills with water, the survivors must call on hidden strengths and skills to face the fight of their lives.”

The Review
Poseidon had a great cast of characters and actors, including Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas and even Richard Dreyfuss. Unfortunately, these great movie stars couldn’t save this drowning ship. It was like Titanic meets The Pefect Storm meets Die Hard and that was just too much for everyone. Too many bodies flying, far too much rushing water and not enough interest in any of the characters to care that they should survive. Especially, after having watched the rest of the ship meet a gruesome death.

Of course, this film had the token gay guy, played by Richard Dreyfuss and he survives in the movie. There is a ton of special effects in this film, which unfortunately pushed the audience overboard.

My Mom had watched the original the night before and she liked the 1973 film much better. Probably because the Director of the original took the time to get the audience interested in the characters before wiping out the entire ship. It was probably fitting that the ship was upside down since the audience pretty much felt the same way.

Our recommendation would be to wait for the rental on this one.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental
Mom – ** Rental

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