John & Becky’s Movie Review of Sex and The City 2

Becky talked me into going to see the new Sex and The City 2 movie on Friday. The Fandango website at Sex and the City 2 describes the movie as follows:

“The continuing story of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha as they struggle to manage their love lives, friendships and careers in New York City…”

The Review
Sex and the City 2 should have been called Gay and the City. The first half-hour of the film is spent taking the audience to a gay wedding. It was torture for people who are not fans of the homosexual lifestyle, who were waiting to get on with the story about the women. As the movie moves on to the Middle East there is another token gay character and at the end of the film the Nanny of one of the main characters turns out to be gay as well. The two guys I was sitting next to in the film were gay and they applauded for the movie.

Which is why we said, this film should have been called Gay and the City since it was as much about getting the gay message out to the masses as anything else. Yet, if Hollywood has such a Pro Gay agenda and doesn’t want people talking about it, then why do they keep putting so many of them in their movies. It’s hard to see a movie anymore about relationships without the token gay guy or women in the film. I could go on and discuss this issue in more detail, but it’s not worth it.

It’s a bit ridiculous. Which is why I’m not going to recommend this movie. I thought I was going to see a “chick flick”, but it was a “gay flick” and it was so gay that it was hard to enjoy the rest of the film that actually wasn’t too bad beyond the Hollywod agenda.

Becky thought it was a total waste of time as well and we’re going to start voting with our pocketbook for bad movies like Sex and the City 2. You can rest assured this will be the last Sex and the City film we’ll be seeing.

John – * Don’t Bother
Becky – * Don’t Bother
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