John & Becky’s Movie Review Of The Departed

Departed PosterBecky and I went to see The Departed on opening night last week at the Colorado Cinemas movie theater in Castle Rock, Colorado. There was a huge turnout for this flick as people have been waiting to see Jack Nickolson in another blockbuster. The Fandango website at The Departed describes the movie as follows:

“South Boston cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) goes under cover to infiltrate the organization of gangland chief Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). As Billy gains the mobster’s trust, a career criminal named Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) infiltrates the police department and reports on its activities to his syndicate bosses. When both organizations learn they have a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin must figure out each other’s identities to save their own lives.”

The Review
The Departed is rightfully named for sure.  We thought we were watching Casino again with Nickolson and Damon, instead of Deniro and Peschi.  It’s an extremely violent film with plenty of non-stop harsh language and a movie filled with some extremely crazy people.  Jack Nicksolson’s character was pretty close to Al Pacino’s Scarface for being completely nuts and he pulls it off just as well as Pacino. I thought Scarface was far too graphic and The Departed doesn’t go as far as that film.

There is plenty of star power in this movie, including Matt Damon, Jack Nickolson, Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio, plus a few more.  The character’s are great in this movie and inspite of the continual violence and language the movie definitely accomplished its goal.  The story has so many twists and turns that it keeps you guessing and wondering who’s going to get “whacked” next.  There are some wild surprises in this film.

Although, it’s hard to recommend to people because of the harsh content and violence the movie is very well done.  It’s directed by Directed by Martin Scorsese and he does a great job of not leaving any loose ends untied.  Acting is great, Directing is great, story is wild, making for a movie that was worth the trip.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – *** Worth The Trip

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