John & Becky’s Movie Review of The Iron Lady

Becky and I went to see the new Meryl Streep film The Iron Lady while we were in Phoenix, AZ last week running the Rock & Roll Marathon. The Fandango website at  The Iron Lady describes the movie as follows…

“The Iron Lady is a surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep), the first and only female Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. One of the 20th century’s most famous and influential women, Thatcher came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male dominated world.”

The Review
The Iron Lady is beyond boring.  It moves at a snail’s pace for only an hour and forty-five minutes, but you would think it was much longer than it is.  It was mainly and elderly audience in this film, so we didn’t have to worry about anyone texting during this movie that’s for sure.  The acting is extremely good by everyone involved in the movie and I’m sure that Meryl Streep will win Best Actor for her role.

However, the historical accuracy is questionable and at times comical since they show about 45 seconds of Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan, who she was very close with during her time as Prime Minister.  They show her and her husband getting blown up in a hotel and you wonder if that’s true or part of her delusional experiences from her dementia that came later in her life.  Most of the movie takes place in her sickly elderly state, with flashbacks to when she was a famous leader.

About the only thing “iron” about this woman according to the Director and Screen Writer is that she was a woman in a male dominated world.  Beyond that, they made it seem like she was the cause of England’s woes and that she made very bad decisions as though her dementia that came on later in life was the cause.  It was a bit absurd since the reality is that she was probably the best Prime Minister they have had and made some tough decisions that really helped her country in the long run.

It was a strange film that was really in bad taste since she is still alive and you would think they could have at least waited until she was dead to make a film of her talking to her dead husband and having fantasies about her past.  You have to wonder if any of it this film is real or just a fantasy of the Director.  Becky and I didn’t like this film and can’t recommend it.

John – * Don’t Bother
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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