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John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the AtticBecky and I took the kids to see Aliens in the Attic last week in Durango, CO. The Fandango website at Aliens in the Attic describes the movie as follows:

“A small group of children at home in Maine battles alien invaders.”

The Review
Aliens in the Attic is a goofy kid’s film about this smart kid who is always in trouble with his Dad, so they go on vacation to their grandma’s house for some family time. As they are on vacation, his cousins with attitude show up, along with some other relatives and his sister’s boyfriend who is a total jerk, when suddenly strange aliens land at the house to take over planet Earth.

That’s pretty much the film, but it’s kind of fun for the kids.

Goblin Network AdThe film is different, it’s cute with some strange looking little aliens that the kids liked. I enjoyed it and thought it was entertaining even though it’s really stupid for the most part and completely ridiculous they did a good job on it.

Bianca and Corban really liked it, but Conroy didn’t think it was that good of a movie. Becky thought it was a rental for sure and it probably would be worth waiting to see on a DVD instead of spending the money at the Box Office.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental

Corban – **** Don’t Miss It
Conroy – ** Rental
Bianca – **** Don’t Miss It
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