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John & Becky's Movie Review of Public Enemies

publicenemiesBecky and I went to see the new movie Public Enemies

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on Sunday at the Kerasotes theaters in Castle Rock, CO.  The Fandango website at Public Enemies describes the movie as follows:

“No one could stop Dillinger and his gang. No jail could hold him. His charm and audacious jailbreaks endeared him to almost everyone—from his girlfriend Billie Frechette (Cotillard) to an American public who had no sympathy for the banks that had plunged the country into the Depression. But while the adventures of Dillinger’s gang—later including the sociopathic Baby Face Nelson (Stephen Graham) and Alvin Karpis (Giovanni Ribisi)—thrilled many, Hoover (Billy Crudup) hit on the idea of exploiting the outlaw’s capture as a way to elevate his Bureau of Investigation into the national police force that became the FBI…”

The Review

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Johnny Depp is an amazing actor.  He will probably go down as one of the best actors of all time.  The guy is just incredible and once again he pulls off the real-life character of John Dillinger in the movie Public Enemies.  Public Enemies takes you into the real world of John Dillinger and gives you a glimpse into the life of the 1930’s bank robber and gangster.  The film is pretty rough with some strong language and plenty of violence, but it’s extremely well done.

Becky pointed out that the movie is so good that you actually feel sorry for this hard core criminal by the end of the film.  If there is one flaw with this movie, I would have to say that’s it.  The film glamorizes this bank robber, as you would expect from the title of the film and previews, but it also allows you to understand why there were guys like him trying to earn their living by robbing banks.

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You come to realize that Dillinger was a much different bank robber than other gangsters like Pretty Boy Floyd who was a ruthless character and didn’t care who he killed.  He was more like a celebrity with the people for his dirty deeds.  You also discover that Hoover was a nut job, but we all kind of knew that from history.  Power definitely corrupts and you realize the power of the media in forging public opinion that is still just as powerful today.

The mob was just getting started and getting away with murder and mayhem by keeping a lower profile than the bank robbers.  They were much like the giant drug dealers of today who are behind the scenes polluting society for profit.

Public Enemies is a very well done movie, but it’s not a feel good flick by any stretch.  You’re not going to leave and say, “Wow, that was great seeing Dillinger get whacked.  Let’s see it again.”  You should like it though because of it’s historical content and it’s a film with fantastic acting by Christian Bale and Johnny Depp that has a very interesting, but sad story.

In the end, we both liked this movie and thought it was Worth The Trip.

John – *** Worth The Trip

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Becky – *** Worth The Trip
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John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Terminator Salvation

terminatorsalvationBecky and I went to see the new Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation

this Friday. The Fandango website at Terminator Salvation describes the movie as follows:

“In the fourth installment of the Terminator series, Christian Bale stars as John Connor, the eventual leader of mankind’s fight againts the machines. The setting is 2018, focusing on the war between the humans and the computer network Skynet. Anton Yelchin co-stars as soldier Kyle Reese, and Sam Worthington appears as new terminator Marcus Wright…” Toy Story the movie The Corruptor movie download

The Review
Terminator Salvation is the latest installment of the John Connor and Sarah Connor Terminator movies. This one takes place after Judgement Day, kind of like the video game, if you’ve ever played that where the characters are running around shooting the Terminators and trying to stay alive. The film stars Christian Bale as John Connor and he does a great job, but the guy who steals the show is Sam Worthington as a futuristic Terminator from the past, Marcus Wright.

Marcus is a convicted murderer who has been sentenced to death, but is part of a future technology that eventually helped create the Terminators. It’s really goofy and disjointed, but the characters are pretty well done. There is plenty of heart pounding action in this movie, but it’s way more Science Fiction than any of the previous versions and the plot kind of stinks. It had an Escape from New York edge to it, since it’s futuristic and the characters are trying to get away from the bad guys, but are sort of bad guys themselves. It’s an exciting film for sure and most people really liked it.

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Becky didn’t like it at all, she thought it was a waste of time and didn’t like the whole guy from the future, guy from the past, living in the present, father and son element of the flick. I liked the original Terminator film and even the sequels were more interesting than this one because the stories were cool. This one was really boring and the ending was extremely stupid. Apparently, some difficult medical procedures are going to be really easy in the future when people are being attacked by monster technologically advanced super machines.

The film kind of lost me since it was not even close to realistic or believable. Not that the others were, but at least they made an attempt where this one was pure special effects and action. I think it will make for a great rental. The music is really cool and the special effects are fantastic.

John – ** Rental
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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