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John & Becky's Movie Review of Paul Blart Mall Cop

bedtimestoriesOn Friday, I took the kids to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop at the AMC theaters in Highlands Ranch, CO. The Fandango movie website at Paul Blart: Mall Cop describes the movie as follows:

“A single, suburban dad tries to make ends meet as a security officer at a New Jersey mall. It’s a job he takes very seriously, though no one else does. When Santa’s helpers at the mall stage a coup, shutting down the megaplex and taking hostages (Paul’s daughter and sweetheart among them), Jersey’s most formidable mall cop will have to become a real cop to save the day.”

The Review
Paul Blart: Mall Cop stars Kevin James who is a hypoglycemic security guard for a shopping mall who wants to be a full-time police officer, but can’t qualify based on his health issues. His character is a determined, overweight “mall cop” who takes his job very seriously. Unfortunately, he’s really not very good at his job. There is a cute woman at the mall that he is very interested in, who is not that impressed with him.

Goblin Network AdPaul Blart: Mall Cop is pretty entertaining, but although it’s geared toward kids there are quite a few swear words and adult situations for children. Just be aware of that if you’re thinking of taking little kids to the movie. The situations are very silly and thieves robbing the mall are pretty stupid, along with the police. It’s all pretty ridiculous, but that’s the theme of the movie.

Our kids really liked it and all thought it was a great flick. It reminded me quite a bit of Home Alone, only in a shopping mall with an adult security guard taking on bad guys in strange ways instead of a kid. It was funny, but I would have to rate it a rental.

John – ** Rental 666: The Beast psp Bad Apple

The Kids
Conroy – **** Don’t Miss It

Balto on dvd

Corban- **** Don’t Miss It
Bianca – **** Don’t Miss It
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