John & Becky’s Movie Review of Act of Valor

Becky and I went to see the movie, Act of Valor two weeks ago at the AMC Theaters in Highlands Ranch, CO with our running buddy Mark.  The MovieFone website at Act of Valor describes the movie as follows…

” An unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, ‘Act of Valor’ stars a group of active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs in a film like no other in Hollywood’s history.”

The Review
Act of Valor
is being sold as the first movie that has ever used “active-duty” U.S. Navy SEALs to film the movie.  Unfortunately, U.S. Navy SEALs are not trained actors.  You could almost see them reading cue cards at times, half expecting them to pull out notes.  That didn’t help the movie by any stretch, even if we are all thankful for their courage and service.

On the other hand the story had plenty of action and some amazing scenes like a fire-fight in a river that was pretty incredible.  However, the movie jumps around quite a bit showing tactical moves of how our military takes out the bad guys to protect our citizens.  It also shows the dangers that our men of valor are taking to keep another 911 from happening.  They also showed at the end how many men have died protecting our country with the movie being a tribute to them.

For that reason, I thought the movie was pretty good and it’s definitely a good rental.  I can’t recommend it as a good film though at the box office.  Becky didn’t like this movie at all and thought it was a don’t bother.

John – ** Rental
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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