John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Black Mass

blackmassBecky and I went to see the new movie Black Mass at the AMC Theater in Castle Rock, CO on Friday night with our son Conroy. The Fandango website at Black Mass. describes the movie as follows…

“The true story of one of America’s most violent and infamous gangsters, Whitey Bulger. Johnny Depp stars as Bulger, who was the brother of a state senator and was eventually convinced to wear a wire for the FBI to bring down the Italian mafia in Boston after they invaded his territory. Scott Cooper directs, with Mark Mallouk penning the screenplay based on Dick Lehr and Gerald O’Neill’s 2001 best-seller Black Mass: The True Story of An Unholy Alliance Between The FBI and The Irish Mob…”

The Review:  Black Mass is a true story about a very wicked man and evil gang of thugs.  The main character is played by Johnny Depp and he should get an Oscar for his role in this movie.  The acting and directing are fantastic in this film, but the content is disturbing.  I felt that they were glorifying this horrible criminal a bit too much, but he was really pure evil and a total psychopath.

The story is fascinating, especially since it is a true story and the fact the FBI allowed Whitey Bulger to go around murdering people as part of a plot to get the Mob.  It was really unbelievable and from that stand point the film was good, but it moved pretty slow and watching these gangsters killing people was disturbing.  I thought it was between Worth The Trip and a Rental, but since the acting was so good I have to give it a Worth The Trip, along with Conroy and Becky.  Be prepared to see a very evil dude.


John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – *** Worth The Trip

Conroy – *** Worth The Trip

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