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Sicko PosterBecky and I went to see the new Michael Moore movie SiCKO at the AMC theaters in Highlands Ranch, Colorado on Sunday night. The Fandango website at SiCKO describes the movie as follows:

Filmmaker Michael Moore diagnoses the malady afflicting America’s health-care system and talks about why millions of Americans are still without adequate health coverage and treatment.

The Review
SiCKO is controversial film maker’s Michael Moore’s latest documentary on the state of the Health Care Industry in the United States. I’m not a big fan of Michael Moore. He’s a comedian and a political activist who is a bit nuts for most people, including myself, but he definitely gets people talking about issues that we are normally all asleep to unless we’re one of the millions of Americans dealing with it. When it comes to Health Care in this country it is something the vast majority of us can relate to.

I’m somewhat of a conservative individual since I try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and admit that I fail most of the time. One of my relatives who is more on the other spectrum when it comes to politics was surprised that I went to see a Michael Moore movie, but I have talked with a number of people about this film already, including friends and relatives and my reason was simple. I think the health care in this country is totally screwed up. I’m sure that many of you can agree.

Millions of people have family members that have to take low paying jobs just to get health insurance. That sounds like a form of economic slavery to me, but apparently it’s okay with most of my Conservative friends. That is until they reach their 70’s and have to work at a 7-11 to get health insurance. Millions more have no health insurance coverage and the rising costs of health care are destroying companies like Ford, General Motors and other large corporations.

Lawsuits were not addressed in this movie, but that’s a big issue related to health care costs for sure. It’s hard to sue the government for services that you get for free. Try suing the Fire Department for not arriving to your home on time if your house burns to the ground. The film does assert that those who are against government health care programs don’t seem to have a problem with government controlled fire, police, our military and other government subsidized and performed services.

Michael Moore blasts Republicans and Democrats in this film and accuses them of taking legal bribes to keep millions from getting quality care. Not to mention people with pre-existing conditions that limit people from getting covered. Not everyone can qualify or afford health insurance in America and wait until you have a claim denied and realize the real problems this movie is addressing.

SiCKO is a very well done film, regardless of what your political views are because it does make you think about the issue of health care. Michael Moore, regardless of whether you like him as a person or not has done a great job pointing out the problems with the health care industry. However, I don’t think that he offered a viable solution to this problem. I figure you could do it on a State by State basis instead of on a National scale, but he never interviews or offers anyway to carry out this mission.

Nor did he explain the cultural differences between government employees in America and the rest of the world. He showed doctors in England and France being paid very well for their expertise and loving their jobs with the motivation of helping their fellow citizens, but he didn’t show how many government employees in America love their jobs and serving their fellow citizens.

In fact, I left the film totally fired up that we need to get a new radical government Health Care system in America and then I had a massive reality check when I had to go to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles and watch 70 dis-illusioned people sitting around waiting for 7 disgruntled, angry people who hated their jobs to help them. One lady came out and yelled at everyone that if we lost our numbers they had better get in line again and that the computers were down. We even had an appointment for our kid’s au pair from Paraguay to take her driver’s license test the second time. They were only a half-hour late for the appointment to administer her test and she failed for the second time, which was our third trip to the DMV.

Our new kids au pair wasn’t a bad driver, but she kept failing for some reason and I realized it was the angry government workers who were administering the test and having to treat everyone like a number. I couldn’t blame the employees entirely since our fine State of Colorado shut down the other facility in Castle Rock after a vandalism took place, didn’t reopen a new facility, and has never staffed the one in Parker properly to handle the growth of Douglas County, but I’m quite sure the same problem would happen with health care. If our government can’t handle passing out driver’s license tests without completely frustrating the public I’m not convinced they could tackle something as large as a health care crisis.

So, I walked next store to a private driver’s education place, paid $40, set an appointment for the next day and she passed her test after missing one point out of 20 that she could have missed. Good thing we had a choice or we would be making another trip to get her driver’s license at the State run DMV.

Nevertheless, our advice is to put your prejudice of Michael Moore aside and go see this movie, but keep in perspective that just complaining about a situation doesn’t solve it. Becky and I both thought it was definitely Worth The Trip or even a Don’t Miss It, but you can certainly wait for the rental to watch it. It’s definitely one you will want to see when it comes out on video or at the theater.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – ** Rental

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