John & Becky’s Movie Review of Tropic Thunder

Tropic ThunderBecky and I went to see the new film Tropic Thunder

on Saturday with her Mom Betty at the new digital AMC theaters in Broomfield, CO. The Fandango movie website at Tropic Thunder describes the movie as follows:

“Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller), pampered action superstar, sets out for Southeast Asia to take part in the biggest, most-expensive war movie produced. But soon after filming begins, he and his co-stars, Oscar-winner Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey), comic Jeff Portnoy (Jack Black) and the rest of the crew, must become real soldiers when fighting breaks out in that part of the jungle.”

The Review

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas film

Tropic Thunder is quite possibly the worst movie we have seen this year, beating out Adam Sandler’s stupid movie Don’t Mess With The Zohan. There is nothing good about this film. Trash language, stupid inside jokes if you are an actor, producer or director while ripping on the film industry that they are part of with this stupid movie. We should have gotten our money back.

Goblin Network AdTropic Thunder is like being attacked by a bunch of circus clowns. No doubt this was a clown show, but there was very little funny about it. Unless you have a 6th grade education and think that people farting over and over is funny, or you find vulgarity and bad language hysterical then you will probably find this film worth the price of admission.

Hardly anyone in the packed theater we were in laughed in this movie. There were a few funny scenes, but overall this film was absurd and beyond stupid. Definitely not worth the price of admission and this film wouldn’t even make for a good rental. The word B movie comes to mind with an all-star cast of morons. Robert Downey Jr. was the only guy in this film who at least tried to make it entertaining.

John – * Don’t Bother
Becky – * Don’t Bother Edges of Darkness movies
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