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300 PosterI went to see 300 on opening night at the AMC movie theater in Highlands Ranch. Becky didn’t want to see this movie and it was a good thing since she would have hated it. The Yahoo website at 300 describes the movie as follows:

In the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy.

The Review
300 was like the the movie Gladiator on steroids without as good of a story to go with it. The special effects were pretty amazing and with all the hype surrounding this film, it will probably do $100 million or more at the box office.

300 is definitely a guy flick with all the non-stop violence going on and should cure anyone who wants to see a war film for quite some time. I know it did that for me. It’s loaded with good looking men and women in fantastic shape and it’s based on a supposedly real event that took place, but the history isn’t reality.

However, if you read the Bible you’ll discover that Gideon actually did take on a number of Midianite men that was too many too number with only 300 and actually won the battle, which I think would have been a better story to tell. Of course, that would have really freaked out the Hollywood elite.

Judges 7:7
The LORD said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands. Let all the other men go, each to his own place.”

By the way, Gideon and his men actually won and defeated the Midianites.

In spite of 300’s graphic violence and gore (heads definitely roll in this film) I liked it. For myself, it reminded me what King David killing a lion and a bear as a boy, in 300 the king kills a giant wolf, and David’s mighty men who killed giants. It’s a brutal film, but we often forget that we live in a very brutal and fallen world and if we don’t think so we need only to look at what is happening in Iraq today.

I thought it was Worth The Trip, but most people probably won’t like it much.

John – *** Worth The Trip

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