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Bottle ShockBecky and I went to see Bottle Shock last week at the AMC theaters, in Highlands Ranch, CO. The MSN movie website at Bottle Shock describes the movie as follows:

“Brought together by a curious twist of fate on a dusty California road, a wandering vintner and a struggling winemaker find both their lives, and their careers, forever transformed at a blind Parisian wine tasting that introduced the world to the extraordinary wines of Napa Valley. The year is 1976, and Napa Valley has yet to gain the reputation as one of world’s best-known wine regions. Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman) has sacrificed everything in life to realize his dream of creating the perfect Chateau…”

The Review

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Bottle Shock is an interesting Independent Film about the wine industry that is very well done, even if you don’t drink or are a fan of wine. It’s pretty darn funny with a wild mix of characters from different walks of life. I liked it because it is based on a true story and so did Becky.

Goblin Network AdBottle Shock is more about the challenges that face small business owners trying to compete in a global market than just about making wine. The movie shows that often times success is not just based on hard work, but a little bit of luck and taking chances. If you’ve ever owned or started a business, you should really appreciate this film.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – *** Worth The Trip
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