John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Employee of the Month

Employee PosterBecky and I went to see Employee of the Month last week at the Colorado Cinemas movie theater in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Yahoo website at Employee of the Month describes the movie as follows:”

For customers of Super Club, the largest high-volume, bulk-discount retailer in the country, membership has its privileges. For workers at the cavernous store, the most coveted honor is the “Employee of the Month” award, and having one’s photo immortalized on the wall of fame in the staff lounge. Enter Zack Bradley and Vince Downey, two ultra competitive Super Club workers whose ten years of employment…

The Review
Employee of the Month is supposed to be a funny movie, but it doesn’t deliver. Becky and I are the typical American family that spends too much money at Costco and Sam’s Club just by walking in the front door. Needless to say, we were looking forward to this movie and thought it would be pretty funny. The story is just too ridiculous to believe, although you can tell that they filmed this movie in a Costco.

Dane Cook is pretty funny as a loser stock clerk trying to get the girl of his dreams, Jessica Simpson, but overall the movie is pretty lame. I liked the quote from a New York Times movie reviewer, Jeanette Catsoulis, who said of this movie…

“it’s more tired than a Wal-Mart greeter at the end of a Saturday shift.”

Employee of the Month is definitely a rental and should be appearing in a local Wal-Mart or Costco soon.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental

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