John & Becky’s Movie Review of Fay Grim

Fay Grim PosterBecky and I went to see the Independent Film Fay Grim on our 17th year wedding anniversary at the Esquire theater in Denver, Colorado. The Yahoo website at Fay Grim describes the movie as follows:

Fay Grim, a single Mom from Woodside, Queens, is afraid her 14 year old son, Ned, will grow up to be like his father, Henry, who has been missing for seven years. Fay’s brother Simon is serving ten years in prison for aiding in Henry’s escape from the law. In the quiet of his cell, Simon has had time to think about the tumultuous years of Henry’s presence among them.

The Review
Fay Grim
is an Independent film starring Parker Pose and Jeff Goldblum, which were definitely the two best actors in the film.  The movie started out with a few good laughs, which was a bit strange for a thriller and it actually seemed pretty interesting for a while.  Within an hour into the film, the guy sitting next to us was sound asleep in his chair and snoring.  No kidding, he was totally crashed out.

Fay Grim was a complete waste of our time. I don’t need to say much more than that.  The story went from ridiculous to absurd to ridiculous to goofy complete with flash cards that came up to tell you things like, “Her dress didn’t have pockets” to explain why Parker had to put her cell phone down her panties.

Unfortunately, we both thought that Parker Pose and Jeff Goldblum got ripped off with this movie by the Producers and Director.  It could have been a good movie that went completely South.  I’ve seen television commercials with better background music than this film had.

There isn’t anything good about this one, so our recommendation is not to bother with it.

John- * Don’t Bother
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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