John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Flushed Away

Flushed AwayBecky and I took the kids to see Flushed Away last month and I’m finally getting around to writing the review after a few weeks. The Yahoo website at Flushed Away describes the movie as follows:

“Beneath the streets of London, Roddy St. James is a pampered pet mouse who thinks he’s got it made. But when a sewer rat named Sid–the definition of “low life”–comes spewing out of the sink and decides it’s his turn to enjoy the lap of luxury, Roddy schemes to rid himself of the pest by luring him into the loo for a dip in the “whirlpool.” Roddy’s plan backfires when he inadvertently winds up being…”

The Review
Flushed Away was a very strange love story about two rats from different parts of rat society who find themselves on a crazy adventure. The characters are pretty funny, but we didn’t really make a connection with them. It could be that it’s tough to make a connection with a rat, but I don’t think so since Shrek is about an Ogre and that’s a great animated film.

Our kids didn’t really make a connection with the characters either, except for Corban who thought the rat being in the sewer and flushed down the toilet was pretty funny. Other than that, it was just another animated kids movie and wasn’t much funnier than an episode of Sponge Bob, Square Pants that you could watch on television for free.

This film fell short in every area, from the characters to the animation to the storyline. It just wasn’t very good. We would recommend waiting for the Rental for this one and hopefully that’s what you decided to do since it’s already starting to disappear from movie theaters.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental

The Kids Review
Corban – *** Worth The Trip
Bianca – ** Rental
Conroy – ** Rental

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