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inkheartposter1Becky and I took our two boys Conroy and Corban to see Inkheart last week, at the AMC theaters in Highlands Ranch, CO.   The Fandango website at Inkheart describes the movie as follows:

“Mo Folchart is a father who possesses a secret ability to bring characters from books to life when he reads them aloud. But when Mo accidentally brings a power-hungry villain from a rare children’s fable to life, the villain kidnaps Mo’s daughter and demands Mo bring other evil fictional characters to life. In an attempt to rescue his daughter, Mo assembles a disparate group of friends – both real and magic – and embarks on a journey to save her and set things right…”

The Review

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Inkheart has been out for a while and stars the popular movie star Brendan Fraser as a bookworm who has amazing super powers.  When he reads a book the characters in the book come to life, and as you might expect, these powers get him into some serious trouble.

The movie is a bit cheesy, but it’s a really fun flick.  I was surprised to see Andy Serkis, the voice of the nasty character Gollum from Lord of the Rings, in this movie.  He played a great villian in Inkheart and was very entertaining.

Goblin Network AdInkheart is a good kids movie and we all enjoyed it.  It will make for a really great rental, but we thought it was worth the price of admission.  The story, special effects and acting were all well done.  There are quite a few parts that are not believable and a bit goofy, but it’s a children’s film and if you keep that in mind you’ll have a good time.  The critics didn’t like this one, but we did.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – *** Worth The Trip

Corban – *** Worth The Trip
Conroy – *** Worth The Trip

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