John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Jet Li’s Fearless

Fearless PosterI talked Becky into seeing Jet Li’s Fearless with me in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. The Yahoo website at Jet Li’s Fearless describes the movie as follows:

The son of a great fighter who did not wish for his child to follow in his footsteps, the bullied Huo Yuanjia resolves to teach himself how to fight–and win. Years of training enable him to ace match after match in his home region of Tianjin. But as his fame as a martial arts master grows, so does his pride. After an ill-advised fight leads to another master’s death, members of Huo’s family are slain…

The Review
Jet Li’s Fearless is an epic adventure with martial arts superstar Jet Li. The movie is an hour and 45 minutes, but it seemed like it was 2.5 hours because of the sub-titles. Becky fell asleep and didn’t like the movie at all, but I thought it was pretty awesome.

If you like martial arts films than this is definitely a must see. The action is incredible in this movie with some unbelievable athletic feats. The story is amazing and based on a true story, but you will need to pay attention and get past the sub-titles.

I would suggest that you’re into martial arts movies, Jet Li’s Fearless is definitely a Don’t Miss It otherwise it’s probably a rental for most people.

John – **** Don’t Miss It
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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