John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Just Friends

Just FriendsBecky and I went to see “Just Friends” on Wednesday night. The Fandango website at Just Friends describes the movie as follows:

“A man has his heart broken by a woman who tells him that she just wants to be friends. He moves across the country and refashions himself into a calculated womanizer. When the girl he really loved reappears in his life, he reconsiders his past persona.”

The Review
There are a few good laughs in this movie and some really stupid situations that are pretty funny. If you know that you’re going into a goofball romantic comedy and your expectations are low to begin with, you should like this film.

Ryan Reynolds is great as a former high school dork turned L.A. music promoter and womanizer. Amy Smart plays the high-school hottie – “girl of his dreams”. Anna Faris is hilarious as the hot blonde, bubble gum singing, bimbo. Ryan’s younger brother in the film has a massive crush on her with posters of her all over his bedroom. It’s pretty funny. They cast Chris Klein as a jerk in the film and the complete opposite character of his role in American Pie.

Don’t expect much and you should like this movie, but it will be better as a rental. Especially, given the high price of admission to get into movie theaters these days.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental
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