John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Just My Luck

Just My LuckBecky and I went to see Just My Luck last week. The Fandango website at Just My Luck describes the movie as follows:

“Connie Albright, a three time lottery winner, runs out of luck when she loses track of a possible love interest at a masquerade party. Broke and homeless, she finds a job as an executive assistant, and goes in search of her lost beau.”

The Review
Just My Luck is a teenie bopper flick starring Lindsay Lohan. The movie is pretty goofy in that the girl, Connie Albright, is always lucky in a ridiculous sort of way. She scratches lottery tickets and wins. She goes on job interviews and gets the jobs. She hails a cab and five taxi’s suddenly appear. Everything she does is beyond luck and completely magical.

She kisses this guy who is completely unlucky, in a ridiculous sort of way, and suddenly he steals her luck. He becomes the luckiest guy around and she become the most unlucky person around. It’s really quite silly, but it does make for a pretty funny and cute film. As long as you don’t take the film seriously you can enjoy it. It’s a fun romantic comedy that has some strange and comical situations.

Becky and I both liked the movie and Becky thought it was Worth The Trip where I would suggest waiting for the Rental with the high cost of movies today.

John – ** Rental
Becky – *** Worth The Trip
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