John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Match Point

MatchPointBecky and I went to see “Match Point” on Friday night. The Fandango website at Match Point describes the movie as follows:

“A former tennis pro falls for a beautiful femme-fatal who is dating his nemesis. To complicate things further, his nemesis also happens to be his future brother-in”

The Review
Becky and I are not fans of Woody Allen movies, but Match Point was very well done. I would say that Woody Allen should have focused more of his career on thriller and suspense films instead of his usual strange drama films. This movie was extremely surprising and with filled with emotional surprises.

It took a long time to develop the characters, but it wasn’t very boring. On the contrary, it kept you wondering what was going to happen to the main character. He has an attitude that he should look out for number one and lacks any true moral fiber. He believes that his purpose in life is to serve himself even if it’s at the expense of other people. It also asks the question about how much luck plays in a person’s life when it comes to success, failure or even getting away with sin.

It’s not a great movie. In fact, some of the people we spoke with who also saw the movie didn’t like it because it the main character was so morally inept, but I thought it was good for that very reason. It really showed the power of the flesh and how people will compromise their integrity and try to get away with just about anything to satisfy their lusts and desires.

Even though I liked the movie and Becky thought it was pretty good too, we would suggest waiting for the rental, unless you’re a big Woody Allen fan.

John – ** Rental
Becky – ** Rental

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