John & Becky’s Movie Review Of Revolutionary Road

revolutionaryroadBecky and I went to see the movie Revolutionary Road at the AMC theaters in Highlands Ranch, CO with our friends Rod and Kimberly Tactaquin on Friday Night. The Fandango movie website at Revolutionary Road describes the movie as follows:

“Frank and April Wheeler are a young couple trying to find fulfillment in an era of conformity. Trapped in a world of encoded convention, they dream without faith, as lies and self-deceptions build to explosive consequences.”

The Review
Revolutionary Road stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie about a young couple who are trying to find themselves after getting married, having children and not being able to pursue their dreams in the mid 1950’s. It’s one big “pity party” from start to finish with great acting and a very terrible storyline.

Goblin Network AdKate Winslet is great in this movie and will probably win an Academy Award for her role in this movie, but so was DiCaprio. They both played their parts extremely well, but the problem with Revolutionary Road is that as Rod put it, “It’s a movie about being disconnected” and I responded with, “Yeah, they did such a great job that they disconnected with the audience and not just each other.”

There isn’t anything good about this flick. You don’t really care about these characters, the characters are a couple of spoiled brats that ignore their kids and are totally self absorbed. This movie has no heart whatsoever, in fact by the end of the film, you scratch your head and realize there was nothing there.

I couldn’t even recommend this as a good rental, but it’s definitely not worth the price of admission. Go and see Defiance instead.

John – * Don’t Bother
Becky – ** Rental

Rod – ** Rental
Kimberly – ** Rental
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