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Taking WoodstockAs I have been reporting, the movies at the Box Office have been terrible lately, but we ventured out to see the new movie Taking Woodstock at the AMC theaters in Broomfield, CO. The Yahoo Movie website at Taking Woodstock describes the movie as follows:

“A man working at his parents’ motel in the Catskills inadvertently sets in motion the generation-defining concert in the summer of 1969…”

The Review
Taking Woodstock is a very stupid movie about the world famous art and musical event that took place back in 1969 with 500,000 whacky people, who found out there was a free concert in Woodstock, New York. I know I just offended a bunch of people, but maybe they should go and see this movie and they will have a different view.  Let’s watch some guy get naked and stoned in the back of a VW bus and look at pretty colors spin around on the screen.

Creedence Clearwater Revival for example was the first act to sign a contract for the event, agreeing to play for $10,000, which was a bunch of money back then, so obviously the event wasn’t free for everyone.  Someone paid for the bands to come and play and you do see that aspect in the film.  Especially, when they barter with the owner of the farm who went from wanting $5,000 to use his property to $75,000 once he found out they had ticket sales.  While so many young people think the music industry is all about freedom and love, it’s really about money.  Which is why they couldn’t book any bands for Woodstock until CCR got the guys putting it together to choke up $10,000.

The script for this movie, really centers around a young Jewish guy though, who of course is gay, trying to help his parents with their failing motel in Woodstock. He helps organize the Woodstock Art & Music Festival, since he’s gay, to try and save their motel with needed cash. It turns out he was buddies with the main organizer of the festival growing up, who could be gay we don’t really know.  He also also meets his own male love interest while organizing the “festival”, if you can imagine.

Goblin Network AdAfter the guy gets stoned and tells the world that the concert is going to be “Free Man”, 500,000 people decided to descend on the farm in Woodstock to hear a bunch of amazing bands.  If they show up, “Please come Bob Dylan” was a sign you saw quite a bit.  Bob must have been busy though because I don’t think he showed.   Unfortunately for the participants, the three day festival got rained out and many of the musicians didn’t want to get electrocuted, but there were still plenty of bands that played.  Along with plenty of sex, drugs, and rock and roll with lots of trash to clean up and the National Guard had to rescue many of the morons who over-dosed or got dehydrated. There were two deaths during the event that was left out of the film as well.  What do you expect when you get a half a million people together for three days?   “Somebody is going to die – man”.

As I watched this incredibly stupid movie, I was thinking, “These are the goofballs who are now running our Country and the music and entertainment industry. No wonder we’re in the trouble that we’re in now.” This movie really sucked on too many levels to mention, plus it was totally boring. It’s done about $3.5 million at the box office, so this isn’t going to be one that is going to knock the Studio’s socks off.  God isn’t dead, but Woodstock definitely is.

The great news is that most people today don’t care about Woodstock anymore because we’ve all watched the idiots from the sixties become half-baked musicians, lawyers who sue for spilling coffee on themselves or political Spin Doctors who have pushed America into the tank. 

225px-mao_zedong_portraitEven this week, President Obama, influenced heavily by people who came out of the 1960’s, is struggling with whether he is our President or the new U.S. Czar (we’ve got enough of them in his current administration, i.e. car czar, green jobs czar, bank czar) as he wants to get his motivational video pumped into our Elementary schools and probably send our children home with a picture of himself to put on their wall.  Where have I seen that before?  Oh, that’s right, that guy, what’s his name?  “Chairman Mao.” 

Well, since Woodstock was really a political statement at the time, I’ll give you mine.  I think that we should elect Tony Robbins as our next President and maybe we can all get a free trip to one of his motivational seminars or at the very least a free DVD series.

Our advice is don’t bother with this one. You’re better off finding a different kind of party to attend where you won’t find sex or drug, a Tea Party and listen to people who want to throw the bums in Washington out instead of going backwards once again to the 1960’s. 

Don’t get mad about my review either, since I went a little political because it’s all about “Peace man”, I mean “Far Out”, come on, it’s just “Groovey”.

John – * Don’t Bother
Becky – * Don’t Bother

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