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theboxBecky and I went to see the new Cameron Diaz flick, The Box at the Hollywood theater in Colorado Springs, CO last Saturday night. The MSN Movie website at The Box describes the movie as follows:

” Screen siren Cameron Diaz and former X-Man James Marsden star in the supernatural horror picture The Box (2008), directed by Donnie Darko cult fave Richard Kelly. The film’s premise involves a strange and ominous box granted to a young couple by a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella). They are informed that pressing various buttons on the box will grant them riches while killing a person unknown to them in the process. Executive produced by Ted Hamm, the film was adapted by Kelly from Richard Matheson’s…”

The Review
The Box is a very weird Horror film about a woman who makes a decision to push a button and kill someone she doesn’t know and then realizes there are huge consequences for her and husband for their actions. In exchange for pushing the button their family receives one million dollars, but there is always a catch to moral decisions and that’s what this movie is about.

The Box is based on a short story and it reminded me of something you would read in a High School science fiction class. You know the class where the teacher spends a week trying to explain what the heck it was you just read. Yeah, that class is like this movie. Especially, since the guy who did Donny Darko directed this film because he is definitely an abstract thinker, so be prepared to go “Huh?”.

The movie is really a play on the history of Adam and Eve since the Box is a test, much like God telling our ancestors not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You’ll notice that it’s always women in this movie who push the button with their husband saying, “We probably shouldn’t do it.” with the consequence being severe for both of them. Like Eve eating the forbidden fruit and Adam going along for the ride until it’s too late.

In this case though, it’s not God who is putting the human race to the test, but aliens. More alien space movies from Hollywood – “Yeah.”. The movie is so disjointed you’ll be totally confused, even if you follow along. Many of the characters made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The acting is okay, but the story is really stupid.

Our advice is to wait for the rental or don’t bother on this one.

John – ** Rental
Becky- * Don’t Bother
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