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Transporter3Becky and I went to see Transporter 3 last week at the Kerasote theaters in Castle Rock, CO. The Fandango website at Transporter 3 describes the movie as follows.

“Frank Martin has been pressured into transporting Valentina, the kidnapped daughter of Leonid Vasilev, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for the Ukraine, from Marseilles through Stuttgart and Budapest until he ends up in Odessa on the Black Sea. Along the way, with the help of Inspector Tarconi, Frank has to contend with the people who strong armed him to take the job, agents sent by Vasilev to intercept him, and the general non-cooperation of his passenger. Despite Valentina’s cynical disposition and his resistance to get involved, Frank and Valentina fall for each other, while escaping from one life-threatening situation after another.”

The Review
Transporter 3 is the third installment of the Transporter series about performance driver, martial arts expert Frank Martin. It’s a bit like the other Transporter films, which you would expect seeing that it’s number three. Jason Statham is great in this role as a tough guy. He’s almost a bit like James Bond, but probably a better driver, which would be hard to believe. Like the Bond movies, Transporter 3 has plenty of over-the-top action, far fetched stunts and violence.

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The film itself is an insane storyline since Frank’s character can’t get too far from his Audi A8 W12 or he will blow up. I had to see the film because I love his car and it has plenty of action, but it’s totally far fetched, even more than James Bond surviving a free fall from his airplane in the last installment of the Bond series. It’s definitely a rental.

I have to talk a minute though about Frank’s car. The Audi A8 W12 is an incredible machine. Not quite the same as Bond’s Aston Martin, but a killer ride nonetheless that starts at $120,000. With a 6.0 liter, 48 valve engine, 450hp and a 6 speed automatic transmission, it will get up and go. There’s a great chase scene in this film between a Mercedes and Frank’s Audi are going head to head. The “yeah right” factor kicks in for what he does to elude the guys chasing him, but it’s still fun.

There’s also this part in the film, where he needs to get air out of his tires to breathe underwater and I was thinking, “Odds are good that car would have Nitrogen in the tires, so that’s not going to work.” Not too mention that even a $120,000 Audi A8 isn’t going to start after being submerged underwater and if it did, it isn’t going to perform the way it does in this film. One of the challenges of being The Cool Car Guy I guess.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – *** Worth The Trip
John Boyd

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