John & Becky’s Movie Review of Nothing Like the Holidays

nothingliketheholidaysBecky and I went to see Nothing Like the Holidays yesterday afternoon at the Kerasotes theaters in Castle Rock, CO. The Yahoo movie website at Nothing Like the Holidays describes the movie as follows.

“It’s Christmastime and the far-flung members of the Rodriguez family are converging at their parents’ home in Chicago to celebrate the season and rejoice in their youngest brother’s safe return from combat overseas. For Jesse, coming home has rekindled feelings for an old flame, although she can’t seem to forgive him for leaving. His older sister Roxanna, a struggling actress, has been chasing her Hollywood dreams for years with little to show for it. And much to the dismay of their mother Anna, eldest brother Mauricio brings home a high-powered executive wife who would rather raise capital than a child…”

The Review
Nothing Like the Holidays is about an American family with Puerto Rican heritage living in Chicago and dealing with their cultural differences, economic challenges and having a son and brother who has just returned from Iraq. There are about five stories going on within this movie at one time and plenty of character interaction among the relatives and friends. It’s goofy at times and heart warming at others.

Goblin Network AdNothing Like the Holidays is definitely a drama more than a comedy, but it does have some very funny people and parts in the film. It’s geared toward and around the Latin community for the Christmas season, but it’s enjoyable and fun regardless of your ethnic background.

It also makes you think about the challenges facing many people in America from different walks of life and what their experiences are in today’s economic climate, complete with a soldier coming home and even another character struggling with gang violence. It’s has some very emotional scenes and it’s much better than many of the Holiday films that come out this time of year. It sucks you in and you will like this flick.

We both liked this movie and thought that it would make for a good rental when it comes out on DVD or it is Worth The Trip if you head to the box office. Becky liked it as much as I did, but she thought most people would want to wait for the rental.

John – *** Worth The Trip
Becky – ** Rental
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