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John & Becky’s Movie Review Of State of Play


Becky and I escaped the Denver Spring snow storm yesterday to see State of Play, at the AMC theater in Highlands Ranch, CO yesterday afternooon. The Fandango website at State of Play describes the movie as follows…

“Oscar® winner Russell Crowe leads an all-star cast in a blistering thriller about a rising congressman and an investigative journalist embroiled in an case of seemingly unrelated, brutal murders. Crowe plays D.C. reporter Cal McCaffrey, whose handsome, unflappable U.S. Congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) is the future of his political party: an honorable appointee who serves as the chairman of a committee overseeing defense spending. All eyes are upon the rising star to be his party’s contender for the upcoming presidential race. Until his research assistant/mistress is brutally murdered and buried secrets come tumbling out…”

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Sate of Play is a blockbuster spring thriller that has plenty of star power, with Rachel McAdams, Russell Crow and Ben Affleck.  The story is definitely different and it’s pretty entertaining, while thought provoking.  There is a political conspiracy with a company that is getting paid billions to manage war profiteering, which makes the film believable given what we’ve seen in recent years.

Goblin Network AdState of Play is the complete opposite of a blow up everything, unrealistic flick like Fast & Furious and instead is a thought provoking, edge of your seat thriller that is very well done.  The characters are entertaining, the acting is great and the story is realistic.  Although, it was probably funded by a newspaper because part of the story is about the newspaper being controlled by a media giant and competing with online bloggers.

The bottom line is that State of Play is a great flick that we both enjoyed.  It’s one of the better movies we’ve seen this year for quality of content and entertainment value.  If you’re looking for a blow-up, shoot em’ up type flick go to Fast & Furious because this is not your film, but this is more like a Michael Clayton type film.

We both thought it was worth the price of admission and are rating it as Worth The Trip.

John –  *** Worth The Trip
Becky – *** Worth The Trip
John Boyd

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