John & Becky’s Movie Review of America

americaBecky and I went to see America today at the Regal Cinema in Lone Tree, CO today. The MovieFone website at America describes the movie as follows…

‘In an era where the American Dream seems to have faded into a dark new dawn, filmmakers Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan ponder what may have become of the world if the U.S. had never come into being. By creating an alternate history in which British forces kill General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War, the filmmakers lay the groundwork for a thought-provoking meditation on the crucial role of the United States on the world stage. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

The Review: I talked Becky into going and seeing this documentary on America that kind of asks the question about what the world would be like without America.  It doesn’t really ask this question though, but instead focuses on the complaints from people on the political left about how bad America is and the atrocities that America is responsible for since its inception.  It does a very good job of challenging these assertions about how bad America is and demonstrates the good things that America has done in the world.

There are some flaws in the film because it doesn’t talk about the challenges facing millions of Americans because of drugs, alcohol and physical abuse, prostitution and other problems within America or the American “Justice System” that can trap a person for life.  It doesn’t discuss in detail the evil political forces at work in America that are enslaving the masses economically.  However, it does a good job of overcoming the complaints that are being made about America because we are an entrepreneurial nation founded on individual freedom that is the real benefits of American Capitalism.  Men like Nikola Tesla for example immigrated to America with four cents in his pocket and became successful with his inventions, even if he died penniless.  This is not discussed in the film, but men like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are discussed and are examples of how many Americans have contributed to the entire world.

It concludes by showing how President Obama and Hilary Clinton, along with numerous other people on the left of the political spectrum have been influenced by a man who has lied about the history of America.  That was rather fascinating.  Becky and I like this movie and thought it was very well done.  I liked it more than she did since I am more of a history buff.  I think every American should see this movie.

John – **** Don’t Miss It
Becky – ** Rental

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