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IgorBecky and I took the kids and our nephews to see the new animated film Igor last week at the AMC theaters, in Highlands Ranch, CO. The MSN movie website at Igor describes the movie as follows:

“John Cusack leads an all-star voice cast featuring Jay Leno, Molly Shannon, John Cleese, Jeremy Piven, Steve Buscemi, and Jennifer Coolidge in this computer-animated comedy about a gifted scientist who happens to have been born with a most unfortunate deformity. Igor (voice of Cusack) may have been born with a brilliant mind, but unfortunately everyone around him is too distracted by his pronounced hunchback to notice. Forced to serve as a lowly lab assistant to nefarious scientist Dr. Glickenstein…”

The Review
Igor is a strange little movie with sketchy animation and a terrible story that could have been done fantastic, but instead is terrible. There is even the word “damn” used in this movie, which again shows how out of touch Hollywood is with Main Street America for a kids film. The animation is not done very well at all with different characters and drawings throughout the film.

Goblin Network AdThe worst part of this movie is that it’s about Igor’s wanting to compete with evil scientists to create the most evil monsters to terrorize the world. The entire film is about how a Frankenstein monster is good and the Igor and an evil scientist are wanting to make it evil to destroy the world. It’s really pretty sick and disturbing for kids because there is nothing fun about it. It’s too intense and the movie sucked. Not one of our kids liked it.

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Becky – * Don’t Bother

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